Does It Cost Anything to join FrontPorch?

It's Free! The residents of their respected neighborhoods can always sign up for free.

Why are we required to use our real name?

We believe that you and your neighbors will be more comfortable when they know exactly who is posting and/or who they are communicating with. By using your real name it helps make the experience on FrontPorch real and facilitates the situations where you may actually meet your neighbors in person. When you meet them and introduce yourself, it is wonderful when they recognize your name and are excited to finally meet you. Also, when you post something the system will show your first name and last initial on the post so everyone knows where the post came from.

Can I add my business, title or a degree to my name?

Let's keep FrontPorch all about being a good neighbor and not as a means for self-promotion. We have places for advertisement within FrontPorch if you feel your business or services would benefit your neighbors and you may contact us for more information.

Why must each member of the household have a different profile?

We believe that neighbors are more comfortable when they know exactly who is posting and/or who they are communicating with. It also helps facilitate correspondence directly if someone has a comment or compliment. If you enjoy a recipe that is posted it is nice to comment directly back to the individual who posted it to rave about their recipe and ask for more.

Is it a requirement to upload a profile photo and fill out my profile?

No, it is not a requirement but we thought it would be a nice feature to add so you could see who your neighbors are.

What kinds of profile photos are acceptable?

A current photo so if you encounter a neighbor at a store, the park, a school or sport function they could recognize you and say hello. But not everyone is comfortable with having pictures so you can either not add anything or you can upload an alternative image as long as it is appropriate for a general audience, not promotional or abusive, and you have the rights to post the image.

How can I change information on My Profile?

At any time you can go to the "My Settings" section of your home page and change your account settings.

Why must I add a Valid Zip/Postal Code?

Adding a correct Zip/Postal Code help us match you with your neighborhood.

Why must I enter a valid email address?

We will need to send you notices from time to time and will send them to the email address you provided us. If you lose your password information it is confirmed by sending it to the email address when requested by you. Please make sure that you sign up with an email account that is secure and used only by you.

What Image formats are supported?

The following image format are supported: .jpeg and .jpg

Can I join using a business or organization name?

We are focused on residents in the neighborhood getting to know one another and being good neighbors. We have a separate mechanism local merchants can use to offer specific discounts or promotions to you and your family so you can save money, support your local businesses and keep the neighborhood economically strong. We always encourage you to shop locally and have the tax dollars collected benefit the areas where you live as well as to support local employment opportunities. If you are a local business or and would like to join FrontPorch please click here ContactUs@frontporch.com.co.

What is the best way to be neighborly with controversial topics?

There will be times when there are important topics to discuss as well as local issues and not everyone will agree with opinions put forth. We encourage lively debate but believe it should be done constructively and while you may not always agree, when you disagree it should not become a personal attack. Feel free to debate politely but avoid name calling or attacks on a neighbor's character just because you do not agree. In addition to not being neighborly behavior it usually ends up just being a negative reflection on the individual doing the attacks and it often makes your neighbors uncomfortable.

If you have a challenge or problem with a neighbor about a specific issue and not a local issue then it is best to discuss privately. For example, your neighbor has a dog that barks constantly when they are not home. They probably don't know since they are not home to hear it and most likely they would prefer it was not happening either. But those types of discussions are best done privately and remember, they may be at their wits end trying to fix it so offering up solutions rather than just complaining might be helpful.

Is there limit on the number of posts I can have?

No, we do not have any limits on the number of posts. Just remember that this is a community your neighbors may get tired of your posts if you over do it.

When is a private message more appropriate than posting to the main newsfeed?

There are lots of topics that should be reserved for private messages and below are some examples: Informing neighbors when you may be on vacation or away from your home.
Disputes and disagreements but remember that even with private messaging, typed words can often be misinterpreted so talking personally is usually helpful as misunderstanding can be rectified quickly or avoided all together.
If you are selling something through Marketplace and doing price negations or arrangements for pick up.
Use your common sense and it is not something everyone needs to know, keep it private.

What do we mean by spamming and inappropriate self-promotion?

FrontPorch is not designed to be a marketing channel for your business or organization. While it's fine to respond to an inquiry when an individual asks a neighbor can recommends a service provider and your company provides such service, unsolicited promotions should be avoided.

What is the best way to talk about local issues?

FrontPorch is the perfect place to let your neighbors know about local issues or causes you believe in. You can bring it up and provide details on where they can find additional information and if they are interested they can follow up on their own. But there is a BIG difference between keeping your neighbors informed about relevant local issues and using FrontPorch to "campaign" to get people on one side or the other. Campaigning usually results in strong opinions on all sides and it can get unpleasant for those involved and those reading and therefore, we consider it to not be neighborly behavior.

Is there a code of conduct or protocol for using this site?

Yes, please see our Guidelines and out Terms of Use.

Will you give out my private information to Marketing Companies?

We do NOT sell, rent, or give away our residents personal e-mail address and/or other personal information to any third party company under any circumstances. For more information about our Privacy Policy, please see our Privacy Policy.

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