Neighborly Guidelines and Conduct

We encourage positive interactions with your neighbors. To help facilitate the process we have developed some general neighborly guidelines.

  • Be friendly, respectful, positive and kind.

  • Participate and contribute so you are an active part of the community.

  • Unhappy with a neighbor? The respectful way to handle it would be offline, not in a public manner or posts.

  • Some things are hard to control so if there is a problem, recognize that people usually want to fix it so see if you can help them find solutions rather than complain.

  • Say "HI" to your neighbors when walking by or seeing them. Knowing your neighbors by sight makes it easier to identify someone who does not belong.

  • Remember that saying "if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything"? Good advice to follow anytime you are online. Comments made online cannot be taken back and it usually leaves others with a negative impression of you.

  • Good neighbors do not bully, act abusively or display inappropriate behavior.

  • Use FrontPorch to make friends and build a stronger, safer community that everyone would want to be part of and proud to live in.